Beer Tasting with Swoop and the Crew

Ask just about anyone and you’ll find the guys at Swoop’s World are known for their on-air “parties” each week. And now, you’re invited to join in the fun with Brewskis: Weekly Beer Tasting sponsored by Drinks Wines Spirits.

Swoops World Late Night

The Beer of the Month Club sends a monthly supply of brew — four flavors with three 12-ounce bottles of each — so you’ll be well stocked to participate in the crew’s weekly beer tastings. Every Wednesday on Swoop’s World Late Night, the guys will taste a different craft beer, drink the same brew at home and you can join in the conversation in the online chat room.

All beers come from American microbreweries. Drink your way through the U.S. and learn about master brewers from every state in the nation.

If you want to “drink with Swoop” then use this link to join the Clubs of America Beer of the Month Club and get the same beer the guys are drinking delivered to your door. * Subscriptions are delivered around the third or fourth week of the month, so order early.

Want to know more about the beer tastings on Swoop’s World? Here are some videos of past tastings.

* Clubs of America is not a sponsor of, nor affiliated with, and the Swoop’s World’s Brewskis segment.

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